Tammy cares about people first, business second..

Mrs Tammy and her wonderful team, made our family believe in the faith of people who really care about people first and then business second. We were about to sell our house and had come to the last day of the due- diligence period and the buyer backed out. We were hurt and broken. Ms Tammy did  something that I had never experienced. She said give me the weekend and I will find you a buyer. Monday came and Ms Tammy had Mrs Trisha her awesome assistant called me and told me to sign the termination contract because, we had a new buyer. We sold our house three weeks later. This team is not only people who mean what they say. But they are a team that makes your home, their home. So if you want to sell your home get registered with the Register Team. They are all about your happiness and heart.

— drkornegay